‘Schools that Work for Everyone’ – Department for Education Consultation

The Department for Education is currently seeking views ‘on creating more good school places’, including allowing existing selective schools to expand and new selective schools to open.

We would encourage all supporters of grammar schools to respond to the Department’s consultation, which closes on 12th December 2016.

The consultation document and survey can be found here.

ResPublica report says grammar schools can boost the performance of ‘poor but bright pupils’

Graham Brady MP welcomed the report by ResPublica which said that grammar schools could boost the performance of poor  pupils by ten percentage points compared to non-selective schools.

In the report,  commissioned by Knowsley Council, ResPublica also points to research that found grammar schools, which Theresa May’s government has said it will bring back, are more likely to enable children receiving free school meals to achieve as much as those from middle class backgrounds.

Graham Brady said: ‘This is very powerful evidence that grammar schools can transform lives and opportunities. We know from history that academic selection, when it is open to … Continue Reading

Friends of Grammar Schools 2016

Prime Minister Theresa May met with representatives from grammar schools across the country at an annual event to celebrate selective education. She spoke to  staff and pupils from grammar schools about the opportunities they offer and discussed her plans for the future.

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Sunday Telegraph Article: We Conservatives have always been at our best when opening up the world of privilege; Graham Brady MP


BYLINE: Graham BradySECTION: NEWS; Pg. 5LENGTH: 606 wordsConservative governments are at their best when they spread power, wealth and responsibility to the people. Extending the franchise to the working man in the 19th century; giving votes to women in the 20th; the homeowning democracy championed by Macmillan and then Thatcher.

All of these helped to shatter the image of the Tories as a party of rank and privilege. Perhaps the greatest blow of all those struck to create an open, meritocratic society was by Rab Butler in his 1944 Education … Continue Reading

ComRes Poll Shows Support for Grammars

On 13th March 2015 ComRes published a poll investigating public support for an array of policies. Among the policies polled was whether people would, in principle, support or oppose increasing the number of grammar schools.

Supporters of new grammar schools are in the majority across all age ranges, social classes, and political parties. The poll supports previous results and shows that there is continuing widespread support for grammar schools across the country.

The policy attracted a net ‘support’ rate of 53%, with a net ‘oppose’ rate of 25%. 22% didn’t know where they stood. Conservative voters have a net support/oppose rate of … Continue Reading

Graham Brady MP Makes the 21st Century Case for Selection

On 16th March Civitas, the institute for the study of civil society, published a book titled ‘The Ins and Outs of Selective Secondary Schools: A Debate’, edited by Anastasia de Waal, Deputy Director of Civitas and Director of the Family & Education section, with a foreword by David Davis MP.

The book provides in-depth arguments from 24 leading thinkers from the UK covering the history, current arguments, and future options for education. With a healthy balance from both pro-selection and pro-comprehensive writers, the book is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the argument over … Continue Reading

The House magazine debate: Grammar Time?

The House magazine (No. 1505, Vol. 37), which is produced by DODS published a debate between Kevin Brannan MP and Graham Brady MP under the title ‘Grammar Time?’ on 16th January 2015.

The debate focused on whether or not the UK should reintroduce grammar schools.

A PDF version of the debate is available courtesy of DODS. Please click the following link to view: Grammar Time?

Westminster Hall Debate on Grammar School Funding

On 13th January 2015 a debate took place in Westminster Hall on grammar school funding.

Philip Hollobone MP chaired the debate, which was well attended and saw contributions from numerous MPs from both sides of the aisle.

Should you wish to read through the debate it is available on Hansard.


Henry Hill: Grammar Schools Cannot Be Championed In Isolation

The below post was originally posted on Conservative Home, dated 19/12/14. You can read it on their site by clicking here. We are re-posting this as it presents an interesting and important side to the debate on grammar schools, and the role of grammars within the wider education system.


At the end of his article a week ago today on the notion of ‘Meritocracy Schools’, Paul Goodman wrote of “a topic which tends to exercise the centre-right less, but should preoccupy it more: … Continue Reading

Damian Green MP: Why it’s time to create new grammar schools

The below post was originally posted on Conservative Home, dated 9/12/14. You can read it on their site by clicking here.

Damian Green is a former Immigration and Policing Minister, and is MP for Ashford.

As a committed moderniser, I am perhaps counter-intuitively delighted that the grammar school debate has been revived by Conservative Voice, and will happily support their campaign to allow new grammar schools to be created. I see this is not as a move to “bring back” the old system in … Continue Reading